At Tucked Away Farms we specialize in quality landscape ornamentals and large field grown tropical and cold hardy palms.

We deliver from Key West Florida to Portland Maine

If there is something you would like to inquire about, please give us a call at 732-887-1035.

All prices are FOB our farm in NJ, We ship from April to October from our In stock NJ inventory.

Larger Palms and FG (field grown) are all B & B or in large 30-100 gallon pots and available.

Our Hardy Palms are hardy to zone 3 with simple winter protection for the first 2 years as they establish root base. All plants are shipped with Fire Ant protection and are guaranteed to be healthy.

Stand out and be noticed everyone loves palm trees.

Tucked Away Farms
59 Beacon Hill Road
Califon NJ 07830
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