1 Select a site with full sun and shaded from severe wind.

2 Dig your planting hole at least 6' wider and deeper than your container or Ball size.

3 Start with a mixture of sandy soil. 1/3 sand 1/3 peat moss 1/3 top soil.

4 Place your mix on the bottom then place palm in whole surrounding it with your soil mix.

5 Place mulch around palm and water thoroughly let stand for 1 week and use a good plant food high in nitrogen every other week for first month then once a month to establish a good root base. Winter protection for first 2 years is recommended.

Use 6x6 wire mesh create a cage and line with plastic, fill the inside loosely with leaves or wood chips to the top of the highest leaf. Cut some slits in the plastic for air filtration. You just built a greenhouse for your tree. Don't worry about it till March or threat of frost is over.

Remove the cage and the plastic let the filler fall off, your palm be fully green and healthy. Wash off any excess and enjoy your palm tree for years to come. Taking these simple steps will assure a long life and tall growth for your Hardy palm tree well into zone 3.

This is what your palm should look like when completed winter protection.